Matter Wheels

It all started back in Venezuela at Worlds, where Kalon Dobbin obtained the first Matter world title. Then it was onto
l´Aquila, the first time real Matter production was available and some more titles were added, and the buzz started to go around that Matter wheels really were the fastest wheels outthere. From there onwards Matter started an absolute domination of road, track and indoor racing. World champions, European champions and WIC marathon champions, they all have been depending on Matter wheels for years. Through the years Matter yellow has become an authority in inline racing. Go to any marathon in the World and you will see over 90% yellow. In fact many other brands looked for cheap success by copying the colors and the looks. But you can copy looks and colors, but you cannot match the performance.

Matter is a trendsetter, we lead, others follow. It was Matter wheels who singlehandedly assured that 110mm wheels became legal. It was Matter wheels to introduce the hollow core, EMT core, Image core, the concept of a convertible wheel etcetc. At Matter wheels we take the wheels apart and look at each part of the wheel how we can maximize performance. For example we do not define a wheel to its hardness, we define it by footprint. And we know what we are doing, each wheel is developed for a specific surface and a specific skater. Our World leading athletes test every wheel very thoroughly, and only the best of the best make it to the market place.

Now the G13 wheels are heading a new generation of Matter wheels, with the brandnew TR2 technology. The ultimate solution for both roll and grip. G13 wheels were first introduced at the European championships 2011 in the Netherlands and more than half of all the medals were won on G13 wheels. G13 turned out to be the fastest wheel for all distances and all surfaces. No matter if slippery track or grippy road. G13 gives you the pseed and grip you need. G13, welcome to the future of speedskating!