In 1986 Asia Access, Inc. was established and TWINCAM was trademarked. TWINCAM designs, manufacturers, and sells in-line skate bearings and oils. In 1990 our first bearing specially designed for in-line skating was produced. Shortly after in 1991 we produced our first serviceable in-line bearing that includes an inner ring with undercut and outer ring with a C-clip. In 1994 the first Charter Member of IISA “International In-line Skate Association” was granted.

We introduced TK CLASSIC Racing Gel in 1992. TK CLASSIC Racing Gel is the most water repellent in-line lubricant on the market. In 2002 we introduced a 6 ball design for in-line bearings, and Trademarked “ILQ” and “ILQ-9″. The ILQ 6 ball design increases loading rate for in-line bearings.

We started offering a lifetime warranty on the ceramic BCB bearings. In 2007 we introduced the ILQ-X mr2 bearing series and the DCF, “Double Contamination Free” (patent pending) design.