Cado Motus Dogma World Medalist Skate

Cado Motus

Dogma Medalist: The most-decorated 2012 world team skate!

The Dogma Medalist is truly a world-class skate. Our flagship model is a work of Italian craftsmanship and superior Dutch design engineering. This is an inline speedskate built on a proven performance platform that’s made its way to first-place finishes on the feet of some of the world’s greatest champions.

From the boot through the frame, the Dogma Medalist is a study in professional caliber hardware with dominance built right into its core.

Mariani carbon and leather speed boots, upgraded CadoMotus Dual Box 5 frames, high-end Bones bearings, and MPC BLACK MAGIC wheels come together to deliver you the same advantage of many of today’s World Champions. The Dogma Medalist is a superior package for serious competitors. It’s an inline speedskate focused on response and maximum control, and the secret to its unmatched handling is the CadoMotus DualBox® design architecture; it’s the leading platform for inline speed skating frames with unique characteristics:

- more stability - even force distribution

- less muscle fatigue - vibration mitigation

- more control - predictable responsiveness

The Dogma Medalist model world-team skate is for skaters that have worked hard to get on the next level. Now that you’re there, wear these skates to show the rest of the field you’re here to take your rightful place at the top of the heap. Together, you and the Dogma Medalist will own the podium.

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