Cado Motus Rookie Sky Blue Skate

Cado Motus

The Path to the Podium Starts Here
This skate provides the foundational 4 wheel set up for small wheel beginnings and the 3 wheel configuration for built-in age and skill level upgrade!

Getting your kids into inline speed skating is now easier than ever. The CadoMotus A-Rookie set up is the perfect combination of price and performance, making entry to the sport easy for everyone.

These skates are specially designed for beginners - from the fabric to the frames - every detail was looked at with your next little world champion in mind. Durable, breathable and completely heat moldable, the CadoMotus A-Rookie is built to be passed down from one sibling to the next. Built on the pro-platform, these skates will help your child find their feet and get more enjoyment from the sport fast! Fast & furious fun, the CadoMotus A-Rookie will start your skater off right. Choose Racing Red, Sky Blue or Hot Pink and get them rolling in high-performance style today!

Standard Set-Up: 4x90mm mid-height cuff, race skate with increased stability for young inline speed skaters.

Upgrade included!
Even experienced and strong pro athletes try to save weight in their equipment. For smaller and younger skaters, the weight influences the skating technique even more. A three wheel set-up with 100mm wheels saves you 10% weight compared to a four wheel set-up with 90mm wheels. Imagine saving 10% of the energy you put into moving your legs!

A three wheel skate moves easier than a four wheel skate. Basically, a young, small and/or inexperienced skater learns skating quicker on a three wheel setup because moving light-footed, all focus can be on technique. A 4 wheels skate is heavier to pick up off the ground, and they tend to ‘stick down’ on the ground for longer with each push, making a ‘fast feet’ acceleration difficult. On the other hand a four wheel skate provides more grip and stability and therefore more power transition. Kids grow fast. They can start with a three wheel setup and switch to a four wheel setup the year after. Growing up, having learned the right techniques and looking for more top speed, a four wheel setup comes into play.

A three wheel skate moves faster on shorter distances. Less weight means more leg speed. A four wheel skate provides more grip and stability, which is better for the longer distances. The unique Neo Transformer chassis offers you to choose, within a minute, the perfect setup for a specific race.

Your optimum
Choosing the right setup is always a personal thing. Besides choosing the number of wheels you can also change the wheel diameter. So many choices, you just need to experiment. And it's exactly this that makes the Neo Transformer the perfect frame for younger skaters that keep changing physically and technically.

10.6 takes boots with 150 or 165mm mounting, plus maximum 4x 84mm wheels, or 3x110mm
11.2 takes boots with 165mm mounting, plus maximum 4x 90mm wheel, or 3x110mm
12.0 takes boots with 165 or 195mm mounting, plus maximum 4x 100mm wheels, or 3x110mm

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