Cado Motus Sumiyaka (Carbonio) Long Track Boot

Cado Motus

Ice speedskating has evolved since the advent of the clap skate. The extension of your stride has increased and you push more with the toes at the end of the stroke. The maximum speeds have increased significantly, and leaning angles in the corners have become much tighter as a result. Yet surprisingly, many ice speedskating boot brands still follow the traditional concept of how to design and build ice speedskating boots, despite the changing needs of pure speedskaters.
Cadomotus has crafted a vision that has taken the ice speedskating boot to the next level of form and functionality. Our boots now offer greater stability in high speed corners thanks to the new shape of the carbon composite base that supports the foot. The innovation comes from focusing on the entire foot, offering total support all around, not just the heel and ankle. The forefoot has come to the forefront of modern design. The net result is control and stability you have to experience to truly understand.
We’ve also integrated upgraded technical resins for composite molding to deliver a boot built for speeds very few have achieved, until now. Our boots are now lighter than ever, helping you maintain your form under the pressure of increased G-force in your turns. We’ve sourced our materials from the home of the fastest speed shops on the planet to bring you an ice speedskating boot that will be your next cutting edge advantage, infusing the latest advancements in technology from the land of speed legends Ferrari and Lamborghini. You know this boot is built for speed!
And you won’t find a better fit because our production lasts are informed based on the years of design experience of ice speedskating boot vanguards Davide Mariani and Paul Marchese. These men know the value of full support for your entire foot. It’s essential, and to achieve it, Cadomotus and Marchese boots are more rigid in the areas where speed support is needed the most for speed optimized footwear.
Pure speedskaters chose boots that push them to skate at their physical limits. Their need goes beyond speed. They become better, stronger and faster, letting their ambition and the latest technology take them to greatness.
Pure speedskater, this is you. Come to the next level of performance, today.

The Sumiyaka (Carbonio) boot features:

  • great moldability at the heel, ankle and toe area's
  • traditional feel in terms of stifness at the ankle
  • pig skin liner for comfortable bare feet skating
  • strong waxed laces
  • perfect aligned mount blocks
  • secure mounting onto your blades

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