Maple MPL-2 Ladies Silver Skate Package


The Maple MPL-2 Ladies Inline Speedskating Boots/Chameleon Racing Frame Package gives you high-performance boots and lightweight, high-performance frames. Made with durable fiberglass and carbon fiber construction, the MPL-2 Ladies Boots are specifically designed to fit women's feet, and are some of the most comfortable boots available. These boots feature extra ankle support and elastic achilles protection. And the ankles are thermo-moldable, giving you a great fit. The Chameleon Racing Frames feature V-control Technology and a laser-encrypted image, giving you some of the strongest, best-looking frames around. So your competition can't help but remember your name, when you speed past them to victory.

Maple MPL-2 Ladies Boots:

  • Fiberglass and carbon fiber construction
  • Ankle padding with elastic achilles protection
  • Full thermoplastic, thermo-moldable ankles
  • Power buckles
  • MS bottom technology
  • Available in 165 mounting in the following sizes: 34-36
  • Available in 195 mounting in the following sizes: 37-41
Maple Chameleon Frames:

  • V-control Technology
  • Laser-encrypted image
  • 13.2 - 4x110 with 195mm mounting
  • 12.90 - 3x110x100 with 195mm mounting
  • 12.90 - 3x110x100 with 165mm mounting
  • 12.80 - 4x100 with 195mm mounting
  • 11.60 - 4x90 with 165/195mm mounting

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