Maple MPL-3 Silver Skate Package


If you're looking for a good balance between high performance and reasonable cost, try the Maple MPL-3 Boot/Silver NG Inline Frame Speed Skating Package. Made with durable fiberglass and carbon fiberglass construction, the Maple MPL-3 Boots are a great choice when you need a step up from entry-level boots. And the thermo-moldable ankle support gives these boots a comfortable fit. The Maple Silver NG "New Generation" Inline Frames are made with ultra-light aluminum, giving you the great performance you want. And they also feature an extra stiff-edged design, making this package an excellent overall choice for developing skaters.

Maple MPL-3 Boots:

  • Fiberglass, carbon fiber construction
  • Carbon-styled leather
  • Thermo-moldable ankle support
  • Power buckles
  • Available in 165 mounting in the following sizes: 32-36
  • Available in 195 mounting in the following sizes: 37-47
Maple Silver NG Frames:

  • Ultra-light, high-performance aluminum construction
  • Extra stiff edged design
  • 12.8 - 4x100 with 195mm mounting
  • 12.8 - 4X100 with 165/195mm mounting
  • 11.25 - 4x90 with 165/195mm mounting

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