Maple MPL-1 Gold Skate Package


You can't help but think of winning gold with the Maple MPL-1 Gold Boots/NG Elite Inline Racing Frames Package. Made with a lightweight, 100% carbon shell and shiny gold cover leather, the MPL-1 Gold Boots are Maple's top-of-the-line, professional boots. They offer ankle padding and elastic achilles protection, giving you comfortable support. And the thermoplastic shell is remoldable, so you can have the best fit possible. The NG "New Generation" Elite Racing Frame is made with ultra-light 7000 series billet aluminum, giving you better control and steering capabilities. And these frames are extra stiff and balanced, thanks to their Highly Rigid Bridge Technology.

Maple MPL-1 Boots:

  • Ultra light carbon construction
  • Ankle padding with elastic achilles protection
  • Thermoplastic shell
  • Power buckles
  • MS bottom technology
  • Available in 195 mounting in the following sizes: 37-47
Maple Gold NG Frames:

  • 7000 series billet aluminum construction
  • Highly Rigid Bridge (HRB) technology
  • 13.33 - 4x110 with 195mm mounting
  • 12.9 - 3x110x100 with 195mm mounting
  • 12.4 - 2x110 x 2x100 with 195mm mounting
  • 12.0 - 4x100 with 195mm mounting

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