Powerslide Double X Skate Package


The X-TORSION BAR SYSTEM™ in the construction of the carbon shell allowed Powerslide to build light weight and stiff shells, without increasing the weight by adding more material to the shell construction. The advantage is the shell has a high resistance against large forces that occur during skating, especially when the shell has the new and long 195mm mounting standard. Another advantage is the 1:1 transfer of the energy of each push to the frame and further to the wheels where it´s needed. The "X" is known as a very strong construction that you can find everywhere since millions of years in the nature of our earth, in modern architecture and engineering. All Powerslide and Core Racing shells are heat mouldable due to a special epoxy that is used in our shell construction. SHMR is also known as Super Heat Mouldable Resin enables us to heatmould the boot at any spot of the shoe as many times as needed.


Frames: PS Double-X, 13.2" (335mm), 4x110mm
Wheels: Matter Image F1 110mm
Bearings: Twincam ILQ 9 Classic

Category: 110

Type: Inline Skate Packages

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