Powerslide Grand Prix


The grand prix is a world leader in innovation. It is the first production skate to ever be sold with 125mm wheels.

The Grand Prix gives the skater the chance to feel unrivalled speed and comfort.
The boot is born from technology from a speed skating boot. Carbon fiber shell and PU leather upper creates a boot that has seen countless national and world titles won on the speed skating track, however where the Grand Prix is unique is the added cuff. This still allows for a greater range of motion than a regular fitness skate, but offers support when needed.
The connection between the frame and boot is taken by our x-slot mounting system which allows the skater to fine tune their position.
  • Carbon Composite shell
  • PU Nano-leather upper
  • 3D Anatomical padding
  • WDS lining
  • Composite cuff
  • ICON buckle
  • Heat mouldable
  • X-Slot mounting system
  • 12.6” Vi ALU Double Void
  • 3x125mm max wheel size
  • 195mm mounting
  • Pitch and stride control
  • Matter one20five F1 LTE
  • Twincam ILQ 7

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