Powerslide Triple X Boot


Smart Shell™ - a brandnew invention from Powerslide. Ribs and raised up parts give stability and stiffness, we all know this from the Triple X2 boot featuring the X-Torsion Bar™. But the Smart Shell took it one step further. Now we reinforced not only the bottom of the shell, but also the side / cuff area. New 3-D foams provide a new shape, based on the X-Torsion Bar™ that give stability to the bottom, but also make the ankle area stiffer for an improved power transfer. All Powerslide and Core Racing shells are heat mouldable due to a special epoxy that is used in our shell construction. SHMR is also known as Super Heat Mouldable Resin enables us to heatmould the boot at any spot of the shoe as many times as needed.

Category: 195mm Mount

Type: Inline Boots

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