Simmons Rana AC-10 Boot


Alexis Contin
“We decided to start AC 10 in order to give the world of inline speed skating, a standard shoe that would make the skater feel the way a world champion would feel while skating. I am Alexis Contin, a 10 times world champion and over the last decade for all victories I have always been very precise with the materiel I have decided to wear. Being able to work with David Simmons has been a dream and together we have developed and tested this product multiple times in order to produce a final product, which is better than what you could ever dream off. The superior quality of the boot itself coupled with the great amount of knowledge and work that has been put into developing such an amazing product, has led to the beginning of a revolution in the world of standard boots.” The boot is a pure racing machine and it will steer like nothing you have ever seen. Getting edges for the double push is something we have been focusing on. The double push should give the skater a feeling of power and freedom but for that you need a boot that allows you to steer easily. This is the key for an efficient push. Everything in these shoes designed to maximize your speed and we are confident that this is a revolution in the world of speed skating. The fact that it has been designed and developed by the legendary David Simmons and the world champion Alexis Contin gives you the insurance that this product has been tested by the best and makes it a dependable product. For us nothing but the best is good enough and we are looking forward to see you increase your performances by using our product. The AC-10 goes through a rigorous 200 stage process before it goes in to final delivery boxes (Race Ready for you). Every AC-10 Boot is 100 % hand crafted and is the strongest, lightest and fastest stock boot till date.

Category: 195mm Mount

Type: Inline Boots

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